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Wei Man takes a look at what Nintendo's first- & second-parties have to offer

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Impenetrable Cookie
As I grow older, I've observed that I'm becoming crankier. Today, I flew off the handle over a trifling matter. I feel like such a fool.... I must learn to control my cantankerous temper! I can't allow my bad attitude to erode teamwork on this vital mission.
It's understandable to be stressed out and in turn develop a shorter temper, but it isn't when you take it out on people who had nothing to do with the situation which made you explode in the first place. Not only is it unfair to those people around you, you simply get a reputation that's almost irresversable unless a miracle happens to erase people's memories of you.

On the other hand, it isn't a good idea to keep any stress locked up inside. Venting is extremely important. Leaving any stress or anger bottled up inside can be very dangerous, as one day someone will heavily shake the bottle only to have the contents rush out in brute force. When all of that stress comes out at once, you're likely to lose control and do something very regretful.

It is hard. Really hard. Too hard. So hard that you're not sure you can eat it, even though you must. This hard snack is infused with the essence of stubbornness, and you are powerless to resist it.
A lot of arguments are pointless when both parties aren't open enough to acknowledge and accept a difference in opinion. When both sides act like such brick walls, the argument will either go in circles, or simply never end.

Are you arguing with a person that just seems to be a brick wall? A brick wall is hard. Really hard. Too hard. So hard that you're not sure you can break it, even though you must. And so you keep shall never surrender! But you must realize that if you do continue arguing, you're no better than your rival brick wall.

Succulent Mattress
A while back, I didn't sleep for days. My stomach was roiling and my head was cloudy. I couldn't rally any motivation! The only thing I could muster is a sigh. Then I found this mattress! When I reclined on it, I fell asleep immediately and had the sweetest dreams.
We all have those days. The days when we don't feel like doing anything at all. We don't answer the phone because we don't feel like talking to anybody. We don't get out of the house, or even the bedroom, because there's absolutely no point in doing so. We barely even feel like moving due to an utter lack of any sort of motivation. Everyone has those days.

While sleep is the common and seemless solution, there exist other ways to get your spirits back up where they belong, if you don't feel sleepy. Music can be a serious remedy to your day of blues...or perhaps writing in your journal, drawing in your sketchbook, cooking that favourite dish of yours.

What's your remedy?

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