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Wei Man takes a look at what Nintendo's first- & second-parties have to offer

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buried treasure - a pikmin 2 special
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Joy Receptacle
Today, we ventured across the plains to reach a cold cavern I'd been meaning to spelunk. The Pikmin have had a hard time coping with the bitter cold, but they were real troopers. Somehow, the summoned the strength to carry this box, so I hope it's full of treasure.
The feeling of completion is usually a lot more rewarding than any physical reward you may receive at the end of a journey. Many a time a reward doesn't seem like it lives up to the time and effort spent on getting to it, but it is never really the point of a journey. What's important is the experience, and the feeling of knowing that you've gone through it.

An excellent example of this would be the completion of a video game. Did you collect everything there was to collect in Super Mario Sunshine? And what's that, all you got was a lousy new picture? Well, what's important is that you feel proud to have gotten through such a challenge, and whether you had fun doing all of it. The fun you got out of it is all the reward you need... after all, that's what games are all about.

Be satisfied with the decorative outer shell of this rectangle! It is more endearing since you can't see what's inside. Not being able to open it makes it all the more special.
...In reality, it is empty!
Mystery can be a good thing. It provokes thought, and lets your imagination run wild. The problem is that when a mystery is solved, the result is usually disappointing when compared to what your imagination had come up with. The feeling is always good when you receive a gift, secretly wrapped in order to avoid revealing anything about what's inside... but what's inside doesn't always match the feeling you get when it is still wrapped.

Disappointment is one of the worst emotions out there. Nothing good can come out of it, except the fact that after it happens often enough, you may lower your expectations and become more realistic in order to avoid disappointment in the future.

Hope for the best and expect the worst...only then will disappointment cease to haunt you.

Essential Furnishing
This object sparkles beautifully. It's enormous, but I think it would make a great party decoration. That reminds me of the last time my family threw a party. I was busy at work, and I couldn't make it, so my wife and kids enjoyed the party without me. Hrmmm... My family grows further and further each day...
Don't let relationships slip away. It may be easy to forge new friendships, but these can slip away just as easily, if not quicker. Your older relationships are the ones most valuable to you, as time allows for much greater development of fondness and trust.

Keep your friends close and your better half and family even closer, especially if you're a parent in the family. It is up to you to keep your family together.

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