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Wei Man takes a look at what Nintendo's first- & second-parties have to offer

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buried treasure - a pikmin 2 special
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Mirrored Stage
Every day, it's nothing but work, work, work. Sometimes I need to just get it off my mind. So, I set this thing up as a stage and taught the Pikmin a song-and-dance routine. Red, purple, white, yellow, and blue Pikmin danced in perfect unison and sang their little hearts out. When I return home, I should take up a career as a dance instructor.
It's very important in life to do what you like and want to do. Don't start a career in something that you don't particularly enjoy, even if it rakes in more money than your other choices. Money won't mean anything when you're unhappy every day at work. Make sure to start a career in what you love to do, no matter the yearly income. In the long-run, you'll be a lot more happy than you would have been had you chosen something that you aren't exactly passionate about.

Here we see Olimar having second thoughts about his job, and about starting another career in its stead. A dance instructor certainly doesn't have a more exciting and high-income job than a space captain, but if it's what Olimar prefers to do, it's a good idea to switch over anyway.

Come rain, wind, or typhoon, this stage will always support the hidden singer deep in your soul. It is a lovely instant dance stage. How about taking one on tour with you, star of rock?
Another reason for you to try new things is that it's possible to discover a hidden talent deep within. Perhaps you can sing and never thought to really give it a shot, disallowing the talent to be discovered. Or maybe you have a good sense of taste and discover that you can cook really well. Not only could discovering these talents help you find a new hobby or skill, but it could potentially start a new passion, or a new career in something that you never thought you would be interested in.

For those who don't yet know what career to start off, be open and maybe it'll be possible to dig deep enough and unearth these hidden talents.

Master's Instrument
No artistic inclinations? No color sense? No worries! This no-hassle art implement was found on a primitive planet. From this day forward, you can be an artist of the ages!
Artistic sense is not something that everyone has. While objects such as this "Master's Instrument," or as I will use as an example, the ever-popular Photoshop software, can make it easier for everyone to draw. But while anyone can draw a scene, not all of the results will actually have a good sense of artistry. Only true artists will ever have such inclination, no matter how easy and accessible drawing becomes.

In an unrelated note, the label of the Master's Instrument says that the colour is "Peach Pink," which is of course in reference to Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros. series.

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