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Wei Man takes a look at what Nintendo's first- & second-parties have to offer

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buried treasure - a pikmin 2 special
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Manual Honer
The size of this construction rig is astonishing! It could build an entire house in minutes! The strangest part is that I don't see any electrical plug on it anywhere... Surely, you don't have to power it manually!?
Heaven forbid having to manually do something! As technology advances, humans become less and less involved. We keep inventing machinery that makes things easier on us, that does our jobs without flaw. It may seem like a good, convenient solution to our work, yet in reality all it's really doing is making us lazy and unchallenged.

It's alright to do something manually from time to time. It is tempting to use a machine to make things go quicker and easier, but not everything should have to be made that way. When eventually technology is so advanced that machines will be able to do everything we need, what will we be up to? Twiddling our thumbs while everything gets done in the background?

This is no lazy machine that runs out of power. This point-honing marvel works anywhere, anytime! The manual operation may tire you out, but the exercise will do you good.
Further adding to the above comments, the ship agrees and adds another point. When we get lazy, we tend to stop exercising as much, if at all, and thus our health begins to crumble. Do things yourself instead of using an easy, technology-driven solution, and your mindset will more than likely help you be more physically active in life. Exercise is an important part of living.

Next time you have a choice in going to an upper floor using either an escalator or traditional, static stairs...give your legs something to do. It'll do you some good.

Love Sphere
One of the wisest beings in the universe, this entity also boasts a galactic-sized helping of love.
...However, due to its shyness, it will never speak of that love.
There is an incredibly large number of people who are too shy to reveal their love for someone. For example, when in high school a shy person has a thing for another, that love will never come to fruition unless they come out and say it. Not doing anything about it will not yield any results. The person in love could believe as far as he wants that fate will bring them together, but it very often does not.

So many opportunities for true love to bloom are lost due to the lack of courage in some people. It's understandable that it's incredibly hard for someone who is shy by nature to do that, but if that courage isn't eventually worked up, an important opportunity will be missed and regretfulness will be bound in the future.

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