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Wei Man takes a look at what Nintendo's first- & second-parties have to offer

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buried treasure - a pikmin 2 special
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Sunseed Berry
I found this fascinating fruit while out exploring today. The skies cleared up, and I felt peaceful watching the pink flower petals flutter in the wind. During this perilous expedition, it seems strange to have such softhearted, romantic thoughts. If I told my wife about this, I'm sure I'd get laughed at...again.
Life in today's world is quick. We want everything to be faster. We want to get to places faster, we want food to be made faster... In essense, we want to do everything faster, and technology helps us do that. However, in this perilous expedition of a life, it's important to just sit down and take it slow once in a while. Leave your watch at home, forget about time and take a walk in the park, watch the summer sunset, smell the blooming spring flowers, or play with the fresh winter snow. Slow down and enjoy the things that are taken for granted every day.

This fruit is born of bright sunlight and cheerful warmth. Come, all you gloomy naysayers! One bite and even sad sacks will become foolhardy optimists. Eat one today and change your life!
Life got you down? It happens to all of us. But even when everything seems to not be going our way, there's always that one thing that brings our spirits back up. Even the most depressed of people can go back to that one thing and feel that much better. What's your thing? Music? Art? Gaming? Your pet iguana? Maybe that little gift you received from a special someone?

Finding that one thing is the hard part, and it can change from time to time. But be it general or something amazingly specific, that certain happiness is always there in some shape or form.

Sud Generator
I found a weird item today. Wetting the surface produces an endless froth of bubbles. It's amusing, but it will take further investigation to determine its practical use. It may take a young and playful mind to unlock its secrets. When I return home, I think I'll show it to my kids.
Maturing isn't always for the best. We get more intelligent as we grow older, absorbing more and more information as our minds develop and allow for more storage and understanding of such information. But where we gain more information, we lose a certain state of mind... one which works in ever so simple and innocent ways.

As teenagers and adults, our thinking is more complex and thus our answers to everything have more thought put into them... so much so that sometimes we tend to overthink situations and end up not understanding their true intentions. We try and dig deep into something and try to understand its meaning even though there just isn't one. Children see and understand their surroundings differently, and at times their way of thinking makes the most sense.

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