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Wei Man takes a look at what Nintendo's first- & second-parties have to offer

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buried treasure - a pikmin 2 special
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Decorative Goo
With the assistance of the blue Pikmin, we found a canister of paint today. I used it to give the ship a fresh coat of paint! But did it thank me? Noooo. As a space pilot, I've always treated my ship like a trusted companion (even if it is a smart aleck). Yet, that snobbish ship has the gall to complain about the color! There's no pleasing it! Forget this...I'm going to bed.
So many people try and pinpoint the negative aspect of everything that it almost makes it seem as if it's human nature to do so. Rather than focusing on the positive side of things, people tend to focus on what's bad about everything rather than what's good. It's a pessimistic way of thinking, and it can be found in abundance all over this planet. Nothing is perfect, and for even the most perfect thing exists a little something negative for these people to exploit...and exploit it they will.

If someone does something for you that isn't perfect, be thankful anyway and remember that this person didn't have to do what they did...they chose to do it out of kindness.

Everyone enjoys decorating in favorite hues, but it's vital to utilize new colors now and then. This tube of goo will surely help you discover a new you!
While doing things that we like can barely ever faulter, sometimes we need to try things that are new to us. Breaking out of the norm could help you find a new passion, a new love.

An obvious example that us gamers would understand is the cel-shading of the Zelda series in The Wind Waker. While it would have been great having The Wind Waker look the way we had expected it to, using a new style allowed us to play through a fresh experience that we barely ever get to witness, as most developers are not willing to take the risk that Nintendo took with such a huge franchise. Today, The Wind Waker is truly a piece of art, at least in terms of visuals.

Conifer Spire
Life is full...but short! Is this one of those short-lived life-forms that changes shape as it ages? Even though it is dried out, it has not lost its unique charm.
Aging shouldn't be perceived with such negativity as it does today. While physical limitations start to get the best of an aging person past their prime, they'll still be who they've always been. Every person is unique and important to this world, and aging doesn't make them any less so. It is merely another beautiful part of life.

Ladies, let those laugh lines develop. Forget using dermatologist-recommended products to have yourself pretend you look younger than you actually are... "because you're worth it."

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