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Wei Man takes a look at what Nintendo's first- & second-parties have to offer

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Crystallized Telepathy
I speculate that this crystal is in fact highly intelligent. It must possess telepathic powers. When I peer into it, the reflection of my face is bright red. It must be sensing my stress! Tomorrow, I think I'll sleep through the whole day.
Sometimes we try and find something that's easily exploitable, such as Olimar's case of looking at a red marble and seeing a red reflection, clearly an utterly inexplicable phenomenon, and make an excuse out of it as a cover for something that we think we are motivated to do, but really aren't. In this case Olimar is being lazy by not wanting to do any work, and so uses his scientific explanation for this red marble of a discovery as the excuse for his need to slack off.

Next time you find yourself using an excuse to hold off on doing something, stop and ask yourself whether you really want to do it in the first place. If you don't, and don't realize it early enough, you'll keep holding it off until eventually you just forget about it, thinking it "wasn't worth the effort anyway."

This thought crystal checks your stress levels with its telepathic powers! It is currently all red! RED! RED! RED! The world is filled with stress, and this is the color that represents our society!
It's amazing how much stress is present in our world today. Considering the speed at which society moves, it's no surprise that stress is found in abundance in many areas of the world. Some people are so focused on getting things done for their job and education that they forget to take a pit stop every now and then, just to relax and enjoy. By the time they realize how important relaxing can be, it could be too late, as an anxiety attack could be a serious issue.

For all you extra-ambitious and -hard workers, don't forget to take a breather every now and then... Just pause and do what you love to do (other than working). With less stress, perhaps the world could be a more mellow place to live in.

Comedy Bomb
This fiendish component was used by the titan dweevil! Although it was once a primitive chemical weapon, it is now a weapon of mass hilarity!
Every human group has a bully. You have bullies at school, at work, and in everyday life. There's always at least one bully in everyone's life. However, while that bully could represent the bane of one's enjoyment at a point in time, the situation always matures up to the point where the bully starts to mean nothing to the people around him. People stop taking them seriously, and their actions will no longer matter.

Sometimes, under such pressure, the bully will even change his or her ways, much like the deadly bomb in Pikmin 2 turning into nothing but a harmless toy.

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