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Wei Man takes a look at what Nintendo's first- & second-parties have to offer

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eagle eye - Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes


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Sound of Success
In the second-floor basement of the Nuke Building, after getting out out the elevator, head to the wall on the right and have Snake's back face the wall by simply holding right on the control stick next to the wall. The camera will shift to the right and reveal Hal Emmerich (Otacon) walking back and fourth. The first time you do this, you will hear a sound. This same sound is used in Eternal Darkness for when a puzzle is solved.
Tiki Man
In one of the offices on the second-floor basement of the Nuke Building (where the gas is and the electric floor once was), there is a Tiki figure on one of the desks. Apparently, Kojima has this figure in nearly all his games.
Freaky Voice
On the second-floor basement of the Nuke Building, right after using the Nikita to destroy the electrical current on the ground and get through the gas-filled room, head to the south-eastern exit to head to the lab. This MUST be before viewing the cutscene where Ninja is killing the guards and heading into the Laboratory where Otacon is.

In the first, small room after the gas-filled hall, you will hear freaky voices saying gibberish, as if casting an evil spell. However, upon closer inspection, you can actually hear Japanese names being said. These actually depict names of famous train stations in Japan.

Gen-N has no idea on what the connection may be between these stations and the Metal Gear series, but it is nevertheless interesting to know.
Outer Sighting
After the scene with Ninja killing the guards in the hall before the Laboratory, take a look at some of the dead guards in close-up (using the camera, for example). On their outfit is a little tag that reads 'Outer Heaven'.

Veteran Metal Gear fans will recognize Outer Heaven to be an armed fortress nation established by a certain legendary mercenary...
Magazines Galore
In the Laboratory, where Otacon is first met and the fight with the Ninja takes place, head to the south-east corner. Near it is a library of books and magazines. You will notice many different images on the covers, including an Eternal Darkness logo, art from Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel for the Game Boy Color, and pictures of a few people (possibly some staff members and their loved ones, but only a few people can actually confirm that)

Shooting the magazines, or just punching/kicking the whole library, will have the magazines fall onto the floor. If you're lucky, the magazines sometimes land opened up and reveal even more images on the inside pages. The images inside include art of Snake, Alexandra Roivas in two different poses in two magazines, scans of certain magazines and/or manuals, and more.

The textures are very blurry in these, so it may be hard to see any of them. It is difficult to tell what most of them depict.
Unknown Letters/Numbers
In the Laboratory, there is a pencil on the desk in the center of the room (the same desk that the GameCube and WaveBird are on). On this pencil are inscriptions of a few characters. The texture is extremely blurry, so it's very hard to tell what these letters and numbers are.

From what Gen-N can tell, it says HBJSIAL3, and then three letters on the right of which are completely unknown. This may not be anything, but considering the amount of secrets in this game, we wouldn't put it past the developers.
Mario & Yoshi
In the Laboratory, there are little Mario and Yoshi dolls in the north-east corner of the room. Shooting Mario causes a 1UP sound to be emanated, and a tiny bit of Snake's health will be restored. There isn't a limit to how many times Mario can be shot, so replenishing Snake's health completely at that point is possible. Shooting the Yoshi doll will have you hear his trademark 'Yoshi!" call. Yoshi does not replenish Snake's energy, however. Quite selfish of him.
GameCube & WaveBird
In the center of the Laboratory, an Indigo GameCube along with a grey WaveBird can be found. The monitor next to them has an image of the initial GameCube menu. However, the GameCube seems to have frozen, as the screen is not moving. All three of these items can be shot, albeit with not much effect.
Enders of the Zone
On the north wall of the Laboratory is a Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner (PS2) poster. Not only that, but during the cutscene in which Otacon talks about his interests, you must've noticed the actual footage of the game.

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