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Wei Man takes a look at what Nintendo's first- & second-parties have to offer

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eagle eye - Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes


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Snake DNA
At the title screen and main menu, the background shows a number of snakes that are being rotated. Pressing and holding the R button will have them rotate slightly faster. Holding L will instead have them go slower.
Cutscene Zoom
During any cutscene, pressing R makes the camera zoom in (the harder the button is pressed, the more zoomed-in it becomes). The C-Stick can be used to look around when zoomed in.
Toying with Mei
Calling Mei Ling to save but selecting "Do Not Save" three consecutive times will have her tell Snake something about it. She will also stick her tongue out at you if you keep doing it. Quit annoying the busy, busy, cute, busy girl!
Celled Meryl and a Soldier
Near the beginning of the game, when Snake is about to get into the DARPA Chief's cell through the ventilation, going through the left vent will have you view a cutscene with a soldier taking a piss and complaining about Alaska, as well as stating how fit Meryl is.

Heading back towards the second path will have Snake pass over Meryl's cell while she's working out. Going back outside the ventilation shaft through the entrance and back in again will change Meryl's outfit (it shows more skin). Also, crawling back and forth again (without having to exit the ventilation shaft) will have Meryl do different workout maneuvers. There are about four different ones.
Magazine of Darkness
Before picking up a 'Book' item, look at it in first-person view (or use tools such as the scope or camera to zoom in even closer). The cover has the letters 'ED' inscribed, for 'Eternal Darkness', and Ellia, the Cambodian woman played as in one of the chapters in Silicon Knight's first GCN outing, is featured.

Once the book is acquired and is used, Snake will set it down on the ground.Inside the pages of the magazine are two photos of Alexandra Roivas, the main female character in Eternal Darkess. Guards will react positively to these magazines if they see them, allowing players to freely walk without their attention.

During the battle with him, placing it for Revolver Ocelot will have him stop for a few seconds, look down and whistle as if impressed with Alex Roivas' appearance. Also, when Meryl is dressed as a guard (just prior to the Psycho Mantis battle) and notices a magazine, she will make an unimpressed gesture by tapping her foot on the ground.
Evil's Poster
In the Armory on the second-floor basement of the Tank Hangar Building, Snake will find some cubical rooms, some of which are locked near the beginning of the game. Once the level 3 key card is acquired, head to the cubic room in the north-eastern part of the Armory. Inside is a locker. Opening it will reveal an Eternal Darkness poster (on the inner side of the locker's door).
Ocelot for Cover
Just before the Revolver Ocelot fight, Snake must place C4's on walls to blow them up, revealing holes. Immediately after blowing the wall that leads to the room in which the ArmsTech president and Ocelot are, look in first-person view towards the inside of the room and Ocelot will be seen, quickly running for cover. The ArmsTech president can also be seen tied up, and can be shot...though you wouldn't want to do that (Game Over).
Eternal Website
On the second floor of the Tank Hangar Building (catwalk), one of the rooms, which requires a level 2 key card, has a computer with the Silicon Knights website in access. More specifically, this page.

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