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Wei Man takes a look at what Nintendo's first- & second-parties have to offer

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eagle eye - Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes


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Raven Fun
In the Cargo Elevator near the end of the game, some ravens will fly around Snake when on the second elevator down. At that point, looking up in first-person, numerous birds will take a crap, and the remains will land on the screen (also known as Snake's face). Not doing that will simply have the birds do their business onto the elevator's floor.

It is also possible to shoot the ravens down in order to anger Vulcan Raven and have the other ravens attack Snake (similar to the chickens in most Zelda games, although not as hurtful).

Or, you can have even more fun by using a stun grenade while on the elevator and...well, try it and see what happens!
PAL Key Shortcut
Not necessarily an easter egg, but rather a shortcut/trick. Tired of the backtracking? No problem! Near the end of the game, Snake is required to use the PAL key card to stop Metal Gear from launching. However, Snake would have to backtrack to previous rooms in order to cool the card down, and then go even farther back to heat it up. Instead, use this trick to bypass the backtracking.

In the Underground Base (where REX is), head to the highest floor and go near the south-eastern corner. Hang onto the railing, then look down to see a platform that you likely haven't been to before. Drop down but repeatedly press Y in order for Snake to catch the railing under that of the floor he dropped from. Not catching on to the railing will have Snake die. Catching it and pressing Y again will have Snake get onto the platform.

There you will notice two pipes: liquid nitrogen, which, when shot, cools the PAL key (make sure to have it equipped), and steam, which would heat up the PAL key. This nullifies the need to backtrack all the way up to the furnace.

After using the pipe(s), make sure to catch the line when dropping from that platform, or Snake will, again, lose energy.
Cardboard Trick
If you have a Box item in your inventory, use it to have Snake hide. Once under it, use the codec to call certain people, and they will have something to say about Snake hiding under the box. One of these people, Nastasha, will give a lesson on the history of the cardboard box. Shockingly, this lesson is more interesting than a class in high school.
We Don't Need a Rat Trap!
Shooting around three or four rats in one area will have the colonel call Snake about it.
Snake's Grip
When hanging from a rail, hold both the R and L buttons to perform a pull-up. Doing that a whole lot (around 100 times) will upgrade Snake's grip strength. You can raise Snake's grip level twice, giving him nearly three times his original grip strength.

The grip level can be raised even faster by dropping from one rail and catching on to another one below it. However, there aren't many areas that allow you to do this.

Levelling up Snake's grip strength will have the colonel call him, along with praises from Mei Ling for level 2 and Naomi for level 3 (she'll praise Snake even when she's placed under arrest...she's a dedicated one).

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