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Wei Man takes a look at what Nintendo's first- & second-parties have to offer

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eagle eye - Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes


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Snake DNA
At the title screen and main menu, the background shows a number of snakes that are being rotated. Pressing and holding the R button will have them rotate slightly faster. Holding L will instead have them go slower.
Cutscene Zoom
During any cutscene, pressing R makes the camera zoom in (the harder the button is pressed, the more zoomed-in it becomes). The C-Stick can be used to look around when zoomed in.
Toying with Mei
Calling Mei Ling to save but selecting "Do Not Save" three consecutive times will have her tell Snake something about it. She will also stick her tongue out at you if you keep doing it. Quit annoying the busy, busy, cute, busy girl!
Celled Meryl and a Soldier
Near the beginning of the game, when Snake is about to get into the DARPA Chief's cell through the ventilation, going through the left vent will have you view a cutscene with a soldier taking a piss and complaining about Alaska, as well as stating how fit Meryl is.

Heading back towards the second path will have Snake pass over Meryl's cell while she's working out. Going back outside the ventilation shaft through the entrance and back in again will change Meryl's outfit (it shows more skin). Also, crawling back and forth again (without having to exit the ventilation shaft) will have Meryl do different workout maneuvers. There are about four different ones.
Magazine of Darkness
Before picking up a 'Book' item, look at it in first-person view (or use tools such as the scope or camera to zoom in even closer). The cover has the letters 'ED' inscribed, for 'Eternal Darkness', and Ellia, the Cambodian woman played as in one of the chapters in Silicon Knight's first GCN outing, is featured.

Once the book is acquired and is used, Snake will set it down on the ground.Inside the pages of the magazine are two photos of Alexandra Roivas, the main female character in Eternal Darkess. Guards will react positively to these magazines if they see them, allowing players to freely walk without their attention.

During the battle with him, placing it for Revolver Ocelot will have him stop for a few seconds, look down and whistle as if impressed with Alex Roivas' appearance. Also, when Meryl is dressed as a guard (just prior to the Psycho Mantis battle) and notices a magazine, she will make an unimpressed gesture by tapping her foot on the ground.
Evil's Poster
In the Armory on the second-floor basement of the Tank Hangar Building, Snake will find some cubical rooms, some of which are locked near the beginning of the game. Once the level 3 key card is acquired, head to the cubic room in the north-eastern part of the Armory. Inside is a locker. Opening it will reveal an Eternal Darkness poster (on the inner side of the locker's door).
Ocelot for Cover
Just before the Revolver Ocelot fight, Snake must place C4's on walls to blow them up, revealing holes. Immediately after blowing the wall that leads to the room in which the ArmsTech president and Ocelot are, look in first-person view towards the inside of the room and Ocelot will be seen, quickly running for cover. The ArmsTech president can also be seen tied up, and can be shot...though you wouldn't want to do that (Game Over).
Eternal Website
On the second floor of the Tank Hangar Building (catwalk), one of the rooms, which requires a level 2 key card, has a computer with the Silicon Knights website in access. More specifically, this page.
Sound of Success
In the second-floor basement of the Nuke Building, after getting out out the elevator, head to the wall on the right and have Snake's back face the wall by simply holding right on the control stick next to the wall. The camera will shift to the right and reveal Hal Emmerich (Otacon) walking back and fourth. The first time you do this, you will hear a sound. This same sound is used in Eternal Darkness for when a puzzle is solved.
Tiki Man
In one of the offices on the second-floor basement of the Nuke Building (where the gas is and the electric floor once was), there is a Tiki figure on one of the desks. Apparently, Kojima has this figure in nearly all his games.
Freaky Voice
On the second-floor basement of the Nuke Building, right after using the Nikita to destroy the electrical current on the ground and get through the gas-filled room, head to the south-eastern exit to head to the lab. This MUST be before viewing the cutscene where Ninja is killing the guards and heading into the Laboratory where Otacon is.

In the first, small room after the gas-filled hall, you will hear freaky voices saying gibberish, as if casting an evil spell. However, upon closer inspection, you can actually hear Japanese names being said. These actually depict names of famous train stations in Japan.

Gen-N has no idea on what the connection may be between these stations and the Metal Gear series, but it is nevertheless interesting to know.
Outer Sighting
After the scene with Ninja killing the guards in the hall before the Laboratory, take a look at some of the dead guards in close-up (using the camera, for example). On their outfit is a little tag that reads 'Outer Heaven'.

Veteran Metal Gear fans will recognize Outer Heaven to be an armed fortress nation established by a certain legendary mercenary...
Magazines Galore
In the Laboratory, where Otacon is first met and the fight with the Ninja takes place, head to the south-east corner. Near it is a library of books and magazines. You will notice many different images on the covers, including an Eternal Darkness logo, art from Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel for the Game Boy Color, and pictures of a few people (possibly some staff members and their loved ones, but only a few people can actually confirm that)

Shooting the magazines, or just punching/kicking the whole library, will have the magazines fall onto the floor. If you're lucky, the magazines sometimes land opened up and reveal even more images on the inside pages. The images inside include art of Snake, Alexandra Roivas in two different poses in two magazines, scans of certain magazines and/or manuals, and more.

The textures are very blurry in these, so it may be hard to see any of them. It is difficult to tell what most of them depict.
Unknown Letters/Numbers
In the Laboratory, there is a pencil on the desk in the center of the room (the same desk that the GameCube and WaveBird are on). On this pencil are inscriptions of a few characters. The texture is extremely blurry, so it's very hard to tell what these letters and numbers are.

From what Gen-N can tell, it says HBJSIAL3, and then three letters on the right of which are completely unknown. This may not be anything, but considering the amount of secrets in this game, we wouldn't put it past the developers.
Mario & Yoshi
In the Laboratory, there are little Mario and Yoshi dolls in the north-east corner of the room. Shooting Mario causes a 1UP sound to be emanated, and a tiny bit of Snake's health will be restored. There isn't a limit to how many times Mario can be shot, so replenishing Snake's health completely at that point is possible. Shooting the Yoshi doll will have you hear his trademark 'Yoshi!" call. Yoshi does not replenish Snake's energy, however. Quite selfish of him.
GameCube & WaveBird
In the center of the Laboratory, an Indigo GameCube along with a grey WaveBird can be found. The monitor next to them has an image of the initial GameCube menu. However, the GameCube seems to have frozen, as the screen is not moving. All three of these items can be shot, albeit with not much effect.
Enders of the Zone
On the north wall of the Laboratory is a Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner (PS2) poster. Not only that, but during the cutscene in which Otacon talks about his interests, you must've noticed the actual footage of the game.
A Psychic Psycho?
Before the Psycho Mantis battle, Mantis will demonstrate his psychic abilities by reading your mind. This is actually a personalized read, as he recognizes the player's memory card files, amongst other things.

Having Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Eternal Darkness and/or Super Smash Bros. Melee files on your memory card (in either slot 1 or 2), Mantis will mention them. He will also mention that you like Nintendo and Silicon Knights games.

Depending on how many times you've saved in The Twin Snakes up to that point, Mantis will tell you your personality. There are other such variables amongst those mentioned here.
Shatter This!
During the Psycho Mantis battle, when Meryl is being controlled by Mantis, she sometimes shoot at the camera, shattering your view for a few seconds.
Meryl's Tilt 'n Tumble
When Meryl gets knocked out and then gets back up again mid-way through the Mantis battle, the camera view tilts a bit, reminding players of the tilting camera when the sanity meter is low in Eternal Darkness.
The Blackout of 2003
During the battle with Mantis, he will sometimes yell out the word "BLACKOUT!" Soon after, your screen will go blank with the word 'HIDEO' on the top right. This is a simulation of your TV input being changed (Hideo resembles the word Video)

Although this might seem like it was borrowed from an Eternal Darkness sanity effect, the truth is that this was also in the original Metal Gear Solid.
First-Person Psycho
During the Psycho Mantis battle, switching to first-person mode will switch from a Snake first-person view to a Psycho Mantis one. This also works before the Mantis battle, when Meryl is being controlled by Mantis. Players will see through Meryl's eyes rather than Snake's (it takes a few seconds in first-person mode for this to happen)
Developer Portaits
In the room where Snake fights Mantis, on the northern wall are three portraits of certain people. From left to right, they are cutscene director Ryuhei Kitamaru, Metal Gear creator and producer Hideo Kojima, and Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack.

You can shoot the portraits down, but they'll be gone for good once you do that.
Unknown Symbols
In the Commander's Room, during or right after the Mantis battle (do not leave the room), head to the top left corner of the room. There's a library there, and usually there are books that are on the ground. If not, punch the library and they will drop.

On the covers of these books are symbols. One symbol resembles a shield, while the other is unidentifiable to Gen-N. That's all we have on this. These symbols could bare no meaning at all, but then again they could too.
Virtual Pervert
Staring at Meryl (except for when she's being controlled by Mantis) in first-person view for a while, including shifting the camera view down to her chest area, will have her say a few things about your behaviour...
The Big Slap
If you have Snake hit, hold, or try to choke Meryl, she will slap him silly. What do you think you're doing?!
Wolf Attack
The first time Snake goes through the caves, Meryl will run ahead of him, waiting at the exit. Heading down the east path from the beginning, then going north, players will notice a hole in the wall from where Meryl can be seen. Shooting Meryl (try an M9 Tranquilizer, please), will have her send out a wolf-dog to hurt Snake. There's no way out of it.
The first time through the caves, once Snake reaches where Meryl is waiting, there will be a little puppy with her, and the two parents will follow. Don't worry, the wolves will not hurt Snake as long as Meryl is around. However, punching Meryl will have her send the wolves against Snake.

Hitting her and immediately hiding in a box (assuming you have the box item), however, will have the little puppy pee on the box rather than hurt it. Nice wolfie. Now, whenever Snake goes through the caves without the handkerchief, the wolves will hurt him unless he hides in the box again. They will recognize the smell of pee and be reminded of Meryl. How sweet.
The first time going through the caves after the Mantis battle, while Meryl is waiting, going back to the Commander's Room and trying to exit through its main door will trigger a call from your colleagues saying that it's disrespectful to keep a lady waiting.
Slap it Good
Just before the first Sniper Wolf battle, there will be landmines to avoid. Meryl will get through the mine field and show Snake the way. However, if Snake touches one of the mines, Meryl will make fun of him by slapping her backside.
Just Horrible
When Meryl is shot down by Sniper Wolf before the battle, shooting her will have Snake's colleagues call through codec. They won't be too happy...
Torture and Prison
After getting captured post-Sniper Wolf battle, Snake is tortured. Giving in to the torture will trigger one ending, but resisting to the torture will trigger another. After resisting the torture and trying to escape the prison cell while the guard can see Snake (like hiding under the bed or using the ketchup), he will playfully say "Heheh! What're you playing around with?"

However, after surviving the torture three times and not manually escaping, the Ninja will come in and let Snake out of the cell, free of charge.

Finally, after escaping from the cell, the enemy guard will have a call from nature and will have to go to the washroom. While he's in there, knocking of the washroom door (have Snake's back stick to the wall and press B) will trigger a certain sound...
A Hind D!?
Before loading your game, go into the Options menu and set your sound to Mono, as opposed to Stereo/DPLII. If you do that, during the Hind battle, call the colonel and Naomi. Usually, they would tell you to use your ears and listen to where the Hind is coming from (using the speakers).

However, since you're using Mono sound, there's no way of telling that, and the colonel, Naomi and Mei Ling will make fun of you for having a mono television. It's pretty humourous, make sure to give it a try!
After beating Sniper Wolf for the second time, head to the south-eastern area of the snow field, and change the view to first-person. Looking outside the field, up on a tree, will reveal a parachute. Snake will talk about it to his colleagues through codec.
Raven Fun
In the Cargo Elevator near the end of the game, some ravens will fly around Snake when on the second elevator down. At that point, looking up in first-person, numerous birds will take a crap, and the remains will land on the screen (also known as Snake's face). Not doing that will simply have the birds do their business onto the elevator's floor.

It is also possible to shoot the ravens down in order to anger Vulcan Raven and have the other ravens attack Snake (similar to the chickens in most Zelda games, although not as hurtful).

Or, you can have even more fun by using a stun grenade while on the elevator and...well, try it and see what happens!
PAL Key Shortcut
Not necessarily an easter egg, but rather a shortcut/trick. Tired of the backtracking? No problem! Near the end of the game, Snake is required to use the PAL key card to stop Metal Gear from launching. However, Snake would have to backtrack to previous rooms in order to cool the card down, and then go even farther back to heat it up. Instead, use this trick to bypass the backtracking.

In the Underground Base (where REX is), head to the highest floor and go near the south-eastern corner. Hang onto the railing, then look down to see a platform that you likely haven't been to before. Drop down but repeatedly press Y in order for Snake to catch the railing under that of the floor he dropped from. Not catching on to the railing will have Snake die. Catching it and pressing Y again will have Snake get onto the platform.

There you will notice two pipes: liquid nitrogen, which, when shot, cools the PAL key (make sure to have it equipped), and steam, which would heat up the PAL key. This nullifies the need to backtrack all the way up to the furnace.

After using the pipe(s), make sure to catch the line when dropping from that platform, or Snake will, again, lose energy.
Cardboard Trick
If you have a Box item in your inventory, use it to have Snake hide. Once under it, use the codec to call certain people, and they will have something to say about Snake hiding under the box. One of these people, Nastasha, will give a lesson on the history of the cardboard box. Shockingly, this lesson is more interesting than a class in high school.
We Don't Need a Rat Trap!
Shooting around three or four rats in one area will have the colonel call Snake about it.
Snake's Grip
When hanging from a rail, hold both the R and L buttons to perform a pull-up. Doing that a whole lot (around 100 times) will upgrade Snake's grip strength. You can raise Snake's grip level twice, giving him nearly three times his original grip strength.

The grip level can be raised even faster by dropping from one rail and catching on to another one below it. However, there aren't many areas that allow you to do this.

Levelling up Snake's grip strength will have the colonel call him, along with praises from Mei Ling for level 2 and Naomi for level 3 (she'll praise Snake even when she's placed under arrest...she's a dedicated one).

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